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Adjarian Sinori

Sinori is a very rich Ajarian dish prepared using lavash that is combined with Georgian cottage cheese and butter. This dish is less known to the masses; yet it is very popular in Georgia’s western seaside region of Adjara. 

One will rarely come across it in Tbilisi or other parts of the country; so once you have a chance to visit Adjara, don’t forget to try this delicious dish. It is ideal to start your morning with.


Lavash, tiny flatbread similar to tortilla 
Butter 100G
Cottage cheese or nadughi (similar to ricotta cheese) 200G
Salt to taste 
Georgian soft cheese to taste


Melt butter, add cottage cheese, salt to taste (be careful, don't put too much) and mix well. You can also add little bit of chopped garlic if you like
Wrap lavash and cut it into rolls
Separately put the rolls on a heated pan 
Pour the mixture over the rolls of lavash, so that it almost covers the pieces
At the end add some grated cheese and cover
Let the dish cook on low heat for 10 minutes and then serve

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